Monday, 22 October 2018

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Date Changes to the Lancaster Grand Prix

Message from Ed (Midge) Rosebrook

I wanted to give a heads up to all, on this historic change in dates. What has happened is this,--- Boonville wanted our first weekend in February, which we owned since 1964. Their thought is that the Eagle River gang just might come to Boonville afterward, because Valcourt  is the following weekend.  Lancaster also wanted to get some of the Eagle River sleds out here for the same reason. However, do to the travel distance, it never did happen. So we will be taking Boonville's old date of the last weekend in January. 

Another reason for our change is that we have from the beginning had to compete against the Super Bowl on Sunday (something we didn't have to worry about 40 years ago), which cuts the crowd down dramatically. I will get back to you later for more complete info on the 2018 Grand Prix. Sorry for jumping the gun. Right now we're concentrating on the ESRHOF inductions coming May 20th!

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