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2017 Great Eastern Whiteout

Record Year at 17th Annual Great Eastern Whiteout    

The 17th annual Great Eastern Whiteout will go down as a record year for both spectators and participators. The weather this year cooperated with warmer tempertures this year then last years sub-freezing weather and wind.competors numbered 240 entries with alouette being the featured sled. Many part venders were present indoors and out making the Whiteout the place to sell trade or pick-up vintage sleds and parts. TNT Graphics always have neat vintage sled signs, clocks ,decals etc. to make your garage more pleasant to work in. Riding was at a premium with plenty of snow on the ball field and the near -by park. Alot of people get to try out their sled for the first time this year. Show organizers this year voted again to give all proceeds to local charities and scholarships in memory of two former snowmobile racing mechanics Everet Regal(The Widowmakers) and Folyd 'Spike" Nolan.This years featured sled was Aloutte and they were well represented with fine examples of the make. 1st place was taken by Eric and Ray Melfi with a rare 1971 Alouette Villian 440 that was painstackingly restored by Eric.2nd place was taken by Mark Davis with a nicely restored 1968 Alouette G T O E . 3rd place was won by Brian Moyer with his orginal 1974 Alouette Super Brute Best of Show was a surprise with a beauitful restored Scorpion Super-Mod owned by Terry Ingersa Glenfield,n.y.and immaculately restored by Wendall Roberts of West Leyden,n.y. This machine was raced in it's day by Brad Haulings and was in rough shape when the restortation started The Mike Saunders Memorial Trophy was won by long time Whiteout supporter Mark Elwell with his nice 1973 yamaha sr 433. Mke Saunders was a long time supporter of the Whiteout and former racer. The 1995 Arctic Cat kitty kat raffle sled was won by a lucky young man from Albany whom was present to take his new sled home with him flame job and all. Great Eastern Whiteout was honered to honor one of the greats. Henery Briscoe was honered for his years of particpating in all the Whiteouts with his immaculate Artic Cat collection and still coming to the event even though he is been fighting cancer. The Great Eastern Whiteout committee would like to thank all the participators and sponsors that help make this the biggest show in the northeast.It also is your partication that helps people less fortunate with all the proceeds going to charity.           

BEST ALOUTTE OWNED BY RAY AND ERIC MELFIBEST OF SHOW WINNER TERRY INGERSAL ON LEFT RESTORER WENDALL ROBERTS SHOW ORGANIZERS TRACY DOYLE AND JIM LATINOBEST OF SHOW WINNING SLED A SCORPION SUPER MODBob Osbornes Moto Ski collection with Bill Monettes CutterBrian Moyers AlouettesDan Smith and Ray Melfi presenting Henry Briscoe with award                                                                                                                                

2016 Milbank Show and Swap

2016 Milbank,

 The Whetstone Valley Snowmobile Club sponsored another great show on June 3-4, 2016. A new addition to this year’s show was a Featured Sleds. The 2016 Featured sleds were any Snowmobiles with metal Flake hoods. They also had a custom class which allowed all brands to show off some metal flake.

Todd Schrupp stated; “When I found out there were 8 campers and trailers at the park Wednesday night I knew that attendance was going to be great.” In fact, they had 46 individuals enter sleds by Saturday morning. That is 11 more than last year! Other than about an hour of rain Friday afternoon those in attendance at the show had good weather although it was breezy.

Once again, Todd was surprised at the number of restored race sleds that were shown. That class had more entries that any of the other classes. 16 total, many with triples. It was Honker city in some areas of the park.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award was Phil Stener with his 1970 SkiDoo Blizzard.

The Best Display Award went to Jessie Babler for his lineup of I-500 race sleds.

Longest Distance Traveled to display a sled went to Randy Martin of South Range WI.

Our 2017 Show will feature sleds with twin headlights in both Original and Restored Classes. And not to leave anyone out will have a Custom Featured class. June 2-3, 2017

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Idaho Gang Raised $1500

The Vintage Snowmobile of Idaho gang raised $1,500 bucks this weekend in Stanley for Breast Cancer! Thought you might like to know! Thanks to all that help out the cause. Submitted by Perry Hesteness.



Operation Vintage Pride

100_0781On September 25, 2010 Judy and I traveled down to Albert Lea, Minnesota to attend the 2nd annual “Operation Vintage Pride” vintage show. The weather was still a little damp with the aftermath of heavy rains that had cause serve flooding across Southeastern Minnesota in the week prior. The turnout was still fair considering the weather. Events of the day were the Swapmeet, Drag Races, and the Vintage Sled Show. There was a large silent auction under the main tent, which worked well. If you under tent bidding you got to stay dry!

Here are the results of the radar run. We had to make the track shorter (260 ft) but I believe everyone still had a good time.
1 Banger   Rampage..............37 mph  OMC         0-340       Trevor Wenthold...45 mph   Polaris
341-440   Dale Sloper...........48 mph   Rupp           441-up     Charlie Root..........51 mph   Speedway
The winners for the Three Amigo Race went to...  Rampage, Jake Weaver, and Tony Kildall on a 634 Moto Ski MS-18

I would like to thank all who showed this year and hope that next year we will have better weather. Remember: Think Snow Think Vintage. Thank You Rick Weaver and Rick Stockey

 Following is a list of the show winners sent in by Rick Stockey;

 Antique Class:

Original: Dan Danko  1963 Mathews Trail Maker

> Restored: Rich  Hacket  1967 Ski Doo

Vintage 1969 to 1972:

> Original: Stan Hankin  1971 Arctic Cat Lynx

> Restored: Denise Bronner 1972 Polaris ATX

Vintage 1973 to 1976:

> Original: Todd Kearney  1974 Johnson

> Restored: Mike Goodman 1975 Ski Doo RV 245

Vintage 1977 to 1982:

> Original: Todd Kearney 1980 Yamaha SRX

> Restored: Todd Kearney 1979 Yamaha SRX

Race Class:

> Original:  Mike Hannon 1977 and a half Ski Doo SS Blizard

> Restored: Mike Hannon 1983 Ski Doo Formula 250

Mini Sled:

> Carl Millestadt 1971 Sno Pony 340


> Jim Haug 1977 RXL


> Larry Ahler 1970 Moto Ski SM

Oldest Sled:

> Dan Danco: 1963 Trail Maker

Furthest Traveled:

> Rodger Hankin 250 MIles

Soldiers Pick:

> Dan Danco 1963 Trail Maker

Judges Pick

> Rodger Hankin 1965 Ski Doo Chalet


All Arctic Cat Show

October 2, 2010 turned out to be a great day for the 1st Annual All Vintage Arctic Cat show at Country Cat in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. The air in the morning was brisk with a little white frost on the grass, but the skies were clear and things warmed up nice for Country Cat's Open House.All the judging was done by customer vote. The customers were very happy to take part in the voting and really seem to like the addition of the Vintage Cats. Speaking with Dave Wandershied after the show, he made it clear he wanted to do this again next year. The show will be the first Saturday of October 2011. Thank you, to all that went through the work to display your vintage Arctic Cats!

Overall People's Choice went to Jack Speckel of Watertown, Minnesota for his Montana piped Panther.

The gift certificates in the Trail class went to:

1st place $100.00 gift certificate                  Jack Speckel                                       Montana Piped Panther

2nd place $75.00 gift certificate                    Jack Speckel                                     1966 Arctic Cat

3rd place $50.00 gift certificate                   Clohe Marras                                      1972 Panther & Cutter

The Gift certificates in the Race class went to:

1st place $100.00 gift certificate                  Nancy Ische                                        793 Puma Mod

2nd place $75.00 gift certificate                    Tom Ische                                           1980 Sno Pro

3rd place $50.00 gift certificate                   Barina Ische                                        1976 Sno Pro