Monday, 22 October 2018

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Waconia Ride-In Committee Donates Big

ASCOA has received a surprise --- a generous gift of $ 1,500 from the Waconia Ride-In Organizational Committee.   At its 7/27/2017 meeting, several members of the Waconia Ride-In Committee spoke of the fun they had attending our Summer Show in Hutchinson.  They observed our outdoor membership meeting, the displays out on the front lawn and the rebuild of the RUSTLER snowmobile.  Some even came to the banquet and participated in the live auction.

In short, their Committee members sympathize with the financial constraints currently faced by ASCOA .  They wanted to help.  Their first motion, made and seconded, was for a $ 1,000 donation.  In discussion, the amount was increased to $ 1,500 because this is the approximate cost of a single ASCOA newsletter production & mailing.  The vote for $ 1,500 donation was unanimous!

Be aware that the Waconia Ride-In Committee also paid for a canopy tent and provided refreshments in Hutchinson.   Moreover, their Committee is anxious to host ASCOA at its Ride-In on January 26-28, 2018.

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