Tuesday, 26 September 2017

2011 Clay Jennings Memorial

The Snowmobile Barn Museum held the Clay Jennings Memorial Show Nov. 14 in Fredon, NJ.
By, George Mattar

There were  74 sleds and numerous people selling parts on a beautiful, sunny day in northwestern New Jersey. The featured sled was Rupp.
Best of Show went to Aaron Zeoli, with his perfectly restored Auto Ski Spitfire. Aaron hails from Milford, Pa., and always shows up with an interesting sled. He pulled this heap from a junk yard and took it home for about $50. It is now a gleaming show piece and is headed to Paul Bernier's in Turner, Maine, Aaron said.

Best Display was awarded to Buck Priest for his line of Arctic Cats and the long distance award went to Armand Buteau from New Hampshire, who drove 448 miles to bring his Rupp collection.

 Antique-Ken Crozier, Polaris Sno-Traveler

 68-73 Trail Original

1st-Howard Billington-Viking Vigilante

2nd-Jan Ruth-AMF Ski Daddler

3rd-Steve Turouski-Arctic Cat Panther

 68-73 Restored

1st-Jerre Bassler-Viking Vigilante

2nd--Lou Marczi-Mercury Lightning

3rd-Jeff Miller-Massey Ferguson Ski Whiz

 68-73 Muscle Sled

1st-Armand Buteau-Rupp Nitro

2nd-Larry Warner Jr.-Scorpion Super Stinger 800

3rd-Buck Priest-Arctic Cat

 68-73 Racer

1st-Armand Buteau-Rupp Magnum 650

2nd-Steve Comis-Ski Doo T'NT

 74-84 Trail Original

1st-Tom Silvert-1983 Mario Andretti Manta

2nd-Russel Ackely-Arctic Cat Trail Cat

3rd-Rosemary Wynott-Sno Jet SST 340

Tie for 3rd-Don Gavoille-1982 Kawasaki LTD

 74-84 Trail Restored

1st-Tim Angle-Arctic Cat

 74-84 Muscle Sled

1st-Bud Gordon-Sno Jet

2nd-Albert Kiefer-1977 Yamaha SRX

3rd-Armand Buteau-Rupp Magnum

 74-84 Racer

1st-Brian Doughty-Arctic Cat Z250

2nd-Russ Jennings-Arctic Cat Z340

3rd-Steve Moser-Arctic Cat Cross Country

 Sno Pro

1st-Karl Krout-1975 Arctic Cat

 Mini Sled

1st-Brian Moyer-Alouette  Mini Brute

2nd-Dustin Chilsen-Arctic Cat racer

3rd-Ken Crozier-Polaris Lill Andy

 Most Unique/Custom

1st-Charles Bierce-Frankncat

2nd-Kyle Warner-Polar Bear Whip It

3rd-Eric Johnson-Studebaker M29 Weasle


1st-Steve Turouski-Arctic Cat Cutter

2nd-Joe Raechal-Ski Doo

3rd-Ken Crozier-Polaris Trail Mate


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